Guilty Pleasures

Like a box of the best sickly sweet chocolates, or digging out the 80’s back to school classics, Guilty Pleasure films are perfect for any occasions. Bringing you up when you’re feeling down, and guaranteed to put a smile on the dourest of faces. We Brits do them best. Stick on any Carry On for sure indulgence…


Vaudeville comedians Olsen and Johnson would be forgotten if not for this delirious vehicle, nominally an adaptation of their Broadway stage hit. Ostensibly about an attempt to turn Helzapoppin’ the show into a backstage musical, this surreal, altogether avant-garde fantasia rings wild changes on the film-within-a-film format, beginning with an exasperated director shouting “Cut!” on an opening sequence set in hell. Later, the stars get stuck between film frames as chaos breaks out in the projection box. Helzapoppin’ has an animation counterpart in Chuck Jones’s Duck Amuck (1953), in which Daffy Duck discovered the existential drawbacks of being a character in a cartoon.

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